Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fully Sequined for 2017!

Author's note: SO MUCH EXCITEMENT has happened since NYE! I will have more deets to come on the house (!) we just bought and my 30th birthday! Ah!!!! Until then, enjoy the glitter!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE sequins, glitter and anything sparkly. If you're around me for a few minutes, you realize it very quickly (shout out to my coworker, Kyle, who has to share a classroom with me and notices my glitter obsession hahaha).  I happened upon this amazing dress just by accident one Friday night in early December. The Geneva Christmas Walk was happening, which means pure and utter craziness in downtown Geneva. It's an adorable event, but the parking is horrid, and it's kind of chaotic when you live downtown. So, I had staked out my parking spot as quickly as possible (it's even hard to park around 3:30/4 on the first night!), and we decided to stay put. Well, that's until I was scrolling through my Insta and saw the holy grail of NYE dresses thanks to Copper Fox

At that time (early December) we didn't have NYE plans yet. So, we built our plans around the dress! LOL! I messaged Copper Fox on Insta and said to HOLD ONE FOR ME! Then, I literally speed-walked (sped walked?!) through the hustle and bustle and picked up this beaut. It's an Endless Rose dress, but seriously, you have to get IN to the Copper Fox Shop in downtown Geneva. 

I love the sleeves on it! It was a little shorter than my typical dress, but hey-- it was New Year's Eve! 

I got a new clutch for the occasion, this darling beaded one from Loft. It also comes in black and blush. 

Fixin the hair! Hair thanks to Annalisa at Beautiful You Salon in St. Charles. She's the absolute best! I've been with Annalisa since 2011. 

More sequined dresses for all budgets:

I can't get enough of the fully sequined look!

I got so many nice compliments on this dress. Girls stopped me all night to tell me how much they liked it. It was SO sweet! 

Annalisa gave me a fresh cut and curls before the night out.  She's incredible. She also did my hair for our wedding, in case you're in search of a hairstylist for your wedding day. 

These earrings are so special to me! They were my mom's mom's, Grandma Audrey. My grandmother passed when my mom was in her 20s, so sadly, we never got to meet her. I love that I can carry on a little piece of her fashion legacy each time I wear these earrings. I know she was an amazing woman, especially because she raised my mom, who is THE MOST incredible woman I know. 

A few iPhone snaps of the night: 

Had a blast with these gals! 
Lauren and Stephanie :)

So glad Lauren and Scott found this Two Brothers Roundhouse party. Such a great deal! 

We danced the night away. There's no one I'd rather spend the night with (and in no other dress!) than this man. 

Some more sequined Endless Rose dresses:

Did I mention my dress was 40% off $85 at Copper Fox? Get IN there!

More of my favorite Endless Rose pieces:

How do you feel about the fully sequined look?
You might laugh, but I totally wore a fully-sequined shirt to work on Tuesday! LOL.



  1. You have such a fun writing voice! I loved reading this, and the photos are great. You are gorgeous! I love sequins, too! XO

    1. thank you so much, Bailey! That's the nicest compliment, ever! Thanks! You just made my day!! xxoo :):)

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    1. Thank you so much for following, Ivana! I can't wait to check out your blog! :)