Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Birthday Tutu and Our New Home

Ahhhh!! It is good to be back! I am so sorry for my hiatus! We moved officially on Saturday, and for a few days at the apartment prior to the move, we didn't have internet, so blogging was nearly impossible. Also, I still needed to pack up my life's possessions, and we were *slightly* behind schedule! LOL! (Nothing a late night Meijer trip Friday before the movers came Saturday morning couldn't fix when we ran out of packing tape. And boxes). SO, I am writing this post from our HOUSE! We have a garage! And a driveway! I actually have not parked in a driveway since I was a mere 18 years old, back home in Ohio. Let me tell you something, it is glorious. (Aside from every morning when I text Mike after I get to work because I'm certain I haven't closed the garage door!!!). Shout out to my coworker, Dave, who tried to punk me about my garage door this am, but couldn't because he was laughing too hard. #failedpunk #Istillgiggled #Genevabuddies :D

Backing up to January 6, though, let's talk FASHION! I wore this tutu (yasssss, girl!) on my 30th birthday that was just so whimsical and fun! Here are some snaps from the eve-- again, my apologies for everything being fuzzy iPhone camera quality. I do have a photoshoot on the books for next weekend!  (This weekend I'm chaperoning Operation Snowball for our school-- did you ever do that retreat in HS? It's going to be so fun!). 

It was very special to have my old teaching pals out to celebrate my birthday at Penrose! We can't wait to spoil Kelly's future baby boy very soon!
Skirt: here
Tassel Necklace: here.
Glitter pumps: here. They are currently down to $100! I got mine for free! (Well, sort of haha!). My sweet MIL got me a gift card to J. Crew for Christmas, and I had another return, so my glitter pumps were FREE!
More glittery shoes in all price ranges:

FINN! Anna, Shawn and Finn (and Coop) spent the night on my birthday. It was the highlight of the birthday week to have my family out in Geneva! My darling former student, Brittany, was Finn's babysitter for the eve so Anna and Shawn could join us at the brewery. SO. Much. FUN! I just wish I had some more pictures! haha!

Tulle skirts for all budgets:

This is one of the 5 photos I have from my birthday party, and it makes me smile so big. Gotta fluff the tulle! hahaha! Candid shot of Jenny Lynn and Kel!
The beauty of this fun skirt is that I just needed a plain black shirt and black tights. Done and done. 

Add in Sarah! We missed Mandy so much! Can't wait for all six of us to be together next weekend! 

Aerial shot of the shoes!
Jenny's adorable Toms wedges shined brightly!
Jenny and I can both attest to the major comfort level of the Toms wedge. Here are more options, with a few on sale currently:

Totally excited that my barre belle, Taryn, and her husband could make it out, too! How cute is her choker shirt? 

More tassel necklaces:

Insta-worthy shoe shot hahah
The best part about these pumps is that they are both comfortable and practical (LOL). Practical in the sense that they are coated, so the glitter isn't loose. 

Two of my favorite males, ever!! In matching Patagonia puffers.
Unkie Mike's: here.
Finn's: here

Finally, one of the best days of our lives-- closing on our first home together! ^^^
We couldn't have done it without our amazing lawyer, Mary, and incredible realtor, Val. Please let me know if you're in the market to buy in the Chicagoland suburbs. I will get you in touch with our crew!

Holding a key and a garage door opener at the title place. LOL

The family room! 

Mike at the bar! haha

Our dream come true. 


Gettin' comfy at the island. 

We arrived in our new home to this surprise. Val was absolutely fabulous in every way. I couldn't believe my eyes! PS: my friend, Jena, made the sign! I can get you the scoop on those, too! 

HOW IS EVERYONE? I am so happy to be back! 

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