Friday, October 28, 2016

What to Wear to a Tailgate + Bestie Reunion

This has been a week of ups and downs. The downs include been prescribed 6 additional days in the back brace + 4 weeks of physical therapy :( I thought I could just jump back into Pure Barre and my regular life, but I found out Tuesday I will be weaning off the brace after my 28th day in it (Friday) for 6 days. I know it could be so much worse, and I am so thankful it is all curable.

The good news... I am very anxious to share! But I want to be sure it all goes through! SO... more to come on that, soon! YAY :-) Sorry, that was totally anticlimactic ahaha. Terrible writing technique. My apologies!

I am throwing it back to a few weekends ago when I reunited with 3 of the most important women in my life. My girls Caitlin, Fran and Courtney are my besties from college. Court and Fran went to Saint Mary's with me (Court did her 5th year at Notre Dame, earning dual degrees because she's friggin' smart!), and Caitlin went to Notre Dame. These women have been through so much with me over the past 10 years! I miss them dearly every day; we have a group text that seriously makes me so happy! I feel like I am with them every day because I get to see so many adorable pics of the baes! (And we talk a lot about food bahahah!). They're amazing; the only thing that sucks is Cait is in Maryland, Fran lives in Indy, and Court lives in Pittsburgh. 

We had an indoor tailgate at Eddy Street Commons to start the day before the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game. 
Here I am with sweet baby Henry!

Courtney looks great with a bae! Theo and Auntie Court!
Court's cute Under Armour shirt: here

We are known for our really cool "act crazy" pics. We always just resort to holding someone's leg. HA! 
My shirt is a vintage one from when Cavanaugh was a men's dorm. My sis-in-law, Lidija, scored this for me in Michigan at a Notre Dame Club event! Best. Shirt. Ever.
Fran's rugby shirt: here
The only jeans you'll ever need.
Converse!!! So necessary for being on your feet all day before a night game. 

The gals: Court, Cait, Mary and Fran.

Girls and their boys! 
Theo (left) and Henry (right).

I was totally fangirling over Melanie's (Cait's lil domer sis) outfit for the game. She rocked the Bean Boots which I have been eyeing for years. 
The L.L. Bean Boots came out in 1912. Isn't that crazy?! No wonder they're always backordered until March! Be forewarned: these duck boots run big. Order 1 size smaller than your usual. They're known for keeping feet warm and dry!  

Also loving her monogrammed sweatshirt. A classic take on supporting her Alma Mater! 
Loving the gingham underneath, too. It makes the look preppy and fabulous! Dressier than a tee or hoodie, you're set for tailgating and dinner to follow the game. 

Totally obsessed with this AEO option (below). Who knew American Eagle sold ND gear?! 

This Tory Burch bag!! Omg! How perfect is that Kelly green?

Hands free cross-body bags are the way to go for football games. It is best to be hands-free while cheering on the Irish!

Just loving these Sperry "Saltwater" Duck Boots, too. I own the Saltwater Duck Boot, and they're AWESOME. I have a plaid pair, and they're perfect to slip on and wear with rolled jeans. 

Every detail is perfect! 

Loving these ND studs.
Similar non-ND studs here and here

My besties and their amazing husbands!
Mark, Tom, Mike, and Marty

In other news, who are you cheering for in the World Series? 
Go Cubs GO! :)

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