Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gym Chic - Fabulous Workout Clothes to Make you Excited to Sweat

At Pure Barre Geneva, some of the teachers and other clients were talking to me about Gym Chic. They said I'd love it! I had to check it out. Fun, stylish workout capris and tanks? I was intrigued! Gym Chic just opened in downtown St. Charles, and they have so many fun pieces! I really do feel more motivated to exercise when I wear something I love. I also feel more confident and stronger, but that could definitely be the placebo effect. Haha! I love to support small businesses and to shop local, so it makes much more sense to me to get my Alo from nearby as opposed to ordering it online.

I chose two pieces. First up is this blush Alo Yoga Bralette in shell. It's slightly sheen-y, and I love how it's longer than a typical sports bra. It will go so nicely under all my workout tops! 

And this Onzie (one size fits all-- very cool concept!) tank with a white t-back. It is super luxe; the material is amazing!  It was ideal for Pure Barre Platform because of how airy and flowy it was. I always need extra air-conditioning for those hardcore classes! I tried a similar tank on in a beautiful magenta, too!

I love how loose-fitting this tank is! It will show off all your spunky, strappy sports bras!

I am a diehard supporter of the Lululemon Wunder Under Crops! They fit so perfectly, and they last for years. I typically buy the practical solid black ones, but with fun waistbands for a peek of "party"!

I'm also a huge fan of the Nike Frees (these are on sale!). The fabulous colors of the Free Fly Knits are also to die for. They're sooo incredibly light- you feel like you're barefoot! I bought mine on sale last year in the sale room at Von Maur, but watch the Nordstrom's sale that begins July 22-- they're always on sale during that time. I bought mine for $60, down from the original $100 price tag. TBH, they're worth every penny! I wear them constantly.

These non-slip Lululemon headbands are incredible! I have collected them in various colors since I first discovered Lululemon in 2009 when I moved to Chicago. They wash wonderfully, and they are the only headband you'll ever need. They keep your bangs out of your face and your sweat from dripping in your eyes. The perfect addition to any workout look! Bonus: they come in adorable colors, too!

Do you feel like me about working out when you have a fun new outfit? I swear, it is like an intrinsic motivator! Oh, wait, that would actually be extrinsic. HAHA!


  1. This is awesome! I'm definitely going to have to try that sports bra and those headbands.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Lexi! the headbands are seriously so great. You'll never buy another one!!! :) And the bralette comes in a bunch of colors. So fun!