Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Buffalo Plaid Romper!

I had so much fun this past Saturday night with two gals who were my students and dancers I coached 7 years ago! I met Maddy and Stephanie when they were 14 and 15, freshmen and sophomores at my first real job out of college. I was 22, but I was giving teaching my all and trying so hard. I will never forget how sweet they were to me (I was only there originally for a maternity leave, so I just taught them for 3 months), and their patience as I was a bumbling 22 year old new teacher was never forgotten. Fast forward two years, and I made my way back to that school as a full time teacher. I was their dance team coach, and I watched them grow as students and dancers and head into college. I convinced Maddy to check out Saint Mary's College, as I just knew she would love it. Low and behold, she did! She is now going into her senior year at SMC; she is the captain of the Notre Dame Pom Squad (I swear I predicted this!) and will graduate next year. I just happened to send a text to both Steph and Maddy the other day, and I am so glad I did! We decided to catch up because they were both coincidentally in town. Steph was even able to attend our wedding last year (Maddy was actually dancing professionally in LA at the time!). Since they've graduated, we have become real friends. I'm so lucky to know them both!

This romper is my first ever romper! I made a pact with myself that I would *try* a romper this summer, and I found this cute one at the Old Navy outlet for $11! I couldn't believe it when it rang up at the register! For my first foray into the romper world, $11 was a good starting point. 
I just bought this on Thursday, but it looks like it's sold out in many sizes online; act fast! It runs a little large-- if you're in between sizes, I would size down. I bought a small for reference.
 Below are some equally awesome rompers to begin your collection! 

I was so excited about this little photo shoot. A sweet gal passed by while we were shooting and said, "blog pictures?" and I was like, "YES!" And she said she had just finished hers! I was telling her my blog name when I realized: I have business cards for this very reason! I gave out my FIRST EVER biz card! I was through the roof! Check out her blog here. It was such a cool moment!  

The jewels!

Alex and Ani bracelets (above left): here. They are such a personalized gift, and each one tells such a special story. If you're ever stuck on a gift to buy someone, definitely get an Alex and Ani bracelet!
Bangles, etc. on the right: Kate Spade gold (top), Kate Spade white (second), J. Crew Factory pave chain (third), J. Crew chunky crystals (fourth), Kiel James Patrick bow (fifth), Michael Kors watch

We had such a fun night catching up! 

SMC Belle #ringpic with Maddy!

We tried to go out, but it was monsooning! So we settled for Papa John's instead-- yum! 

Toms wedges: old, but updated versions here.
I was always so hesitant to try a romper. All my friends who wore them looked so darling, but I had some pressing inquiries: would I look like a baby in a onesie?! What if it was too short on my body?! I am here to tell you that all my questions were answered, and everything turned out just fine. Give it a try! 

What's a fashion risk you've taken lately?

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