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TRENDING 5.10.16: Outfits for Summer Fests + Concerts

Today's #TRENDING was motivated by the release of the hourly schedule for Lollapalooza 2016! We are sooooo pumped!

I surprised Mike (or tried to, haha!) with Lollapalooza tickets for his birthday and our one year wedding anniversary (since it's paper, traditionally). I was in cahoots with Mike's oldest brother, Scott, because we have a little three year tradition running of going to Lolla together. I told Scott I wanted to buy Mike Saturday and Sunday passes; I was extremely proud of this gift idea. Well, a few days before the individual day passes were released, Mike said to me over dinner, "I think I'm going to get us Saturday and Sunday Lollapalooza passes!" and I'm like noooooooooooo! He's like, "What?! why?!" And then I had to tell him my surprise. HA! We are the worst with surprises because we get too excited and tell each other. LOL! But, needless to say, we are going for year 3 of Lolla excursions with Scott and his friends. We will have so much fun! Lollapalooza has expanded to four days this year! I knew Mike had very little vacay time left, so the weekend days will be perfect. I cannot wait for Nathaniel Rateliff!

Waiting for the El on our first Lollapalooza excursion together, 2013.

With our pals Lindsay and John at Tegan and Sara's set, 2013. 

More 2013 fun, Jill and Scott in the background. (Mike was apparently hot, haha!)

Aside from the music, sunshine and lobster corndogs, I love the fashion of Lollapalooza. I always try to wear the lightest weight clothing I can because late July/early August is always steamy in Chicago. Typically I opt for an airy dress, and last year, I found the best cut-out dress!

Cool dance moves... not!

Here are my top ten outfit choices for summer fests and concerts:

[1.0] I am all about cut-outs for summer fests. This dress from ASOS is perfect to keep you cool while you rock out to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Besides, when else is it appropriate to wear cut-out clothing? :)

[2.0] Not only is this dress gorgeous and so unique, you might actually be able to make yourself kind of percussion-y with the embellishments! HAHA!  This will be perfect for seeing Wilco in August (thanks to Jackie for giving us the heads-up about this show! I was actually able to surprise Mike with these tickets!).

[3.0] I love how nautical this is. Also, those cut-outs are to die for! ASOS has free shipping, BTW! (This is the striped version of 1.0).

[4.0] I always opt for brighter dresses at Lollapalooza so I never get lost from the group, haha, (hence, this day-glo orange dress [below] from a few years back!). This red dress is a bright color that will make you easily spottable!
With Lauren in 2013 before she went on to be backstage with Mumford and Sons! #Jealous

Sightseeing on our trip down to Grant Park, 2013. 

RIP those shoes I'm wearing. They did not survive the mud of Lollapalooza 2013.

After surviving a pseudo-mosh pit (front row!) at Matt and Kim!

[5.0] Black is another smart color for Lollapalooza. We often sit in the grass in the shade, and the last thing you want to happen is to get muddy somehow.  The crochet will be lightweight for the temperatures, and the shorts are practical. I like that you can mix and match these pieces with other clothes you might already have. Bonus: the strapless top will offer a great tanning opportunity! Haha!

[6.0] Kelly green AND cut-out back? Count me in! The price is right, too!

[7.0] Urban Outfitters has some perfect dresses for the summer fest season! This dress is such a pretty yellow, and the peek-a-boo cut out is fabulous!

[8.0] I bought this dress for one day at Lolla, and I will also wear it to my bestie's Nashville Bachelorette party in July! Ideal for showing off my rib tats-- haha!

[9.0] This floral print is just fantastic for an outdoor festival this summer! And the fact that it is less than $25 makes it epic! (Try this color combo, too!).

[10.0] The dusty pink color of this sundress is so fabulous.  I love the strappiness of it, too! It will be super lightweight and perfect for the heat of the summer.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't spend too much money on a summer concert outfit, especially because you're bound to be sweaty from all your dancing (flashback to Mike and I dancing like maniacs at Vampire Weekend 3 years ago), and you're guaranteed to spill or be spilled on. Go for a dress that is comfortable, lightweight and inexpensive.

Mike showing off his muddiness, 2013.

Matthew lifting up Mike during Walk the Moon, 2015.

Mike getting sweaty during Metallica, 2015.

What summer concerts will you be attending? Here's a helpful list of Chicago summer fests and events by month!


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