Sunday, May 22, 2016

Re-branding of Belle On Trend!

I am going to use this post to brag a little about my good friend, Katie Arnold Carter. She is incredibly talented, and she has created my business cards for Belle On Trend! Check her website out here, and prepare to be amazed!

A special shout out goes to my mom: she bought me this Kate Spade business card holder for Christmas. I just sort of laughed because I am a teacher, and why would I need business cards? But, she said it was for the BLOG!  Duh! But at that point, I was just beginning, and I had no idea people would actually want to know about the blog and care for a business card.

Back to the brains of this operation: Katie.  Katie has been besties with my sister, Anna, for over 2 decades. I grew up with Katie as an "extra" big sis. Her resume is incredible: Katie has designed for Old Navy, Juicy Couture and Abercrombie and Fitch, to name a few of the companies lucky enough to employ her.

She had me create a Pinterest board so she could better come up with a design for Belle On Trend. I pinned-- you guessed it-- a lot of bows, glitter, sequins, monograms, Lilly Pulitzer and all things girly and/or Saint Mary's College related. Katie then took over and turned my vision into reality.

The bells are perfect for my Twitter and Insta icons. These banners are perfect for my blog, Twitter, and my *brand new* Facebook page! ("Like" it, if you have a chance!)

One of the most amazing pieces to her creation was this Lilly Pulitzer-inspired design (below). She texted me one afternoon and simply asked, "what's your favorite flower and animal?" I had no idea where she was going with this, but I answered dutifully. "Gerber daisies and Anna and Shawn's dog, Cooper!" From there, Katie painted a Lilly design with Gerbers and Cooper!

I am telling her she needs to get it to Lilly for their use. It's incredible! It is everything I imagined and more. (See Cooper there between the N of on and D of trend?).

We used for my business cards. Let me tell you: I will never buy business cards from another company! The quality, presentation and customer service (not to mention affordable price!) at Moo are so great! They send you a pack of their various (blank) business cards (free of charge), and from there, you can pick out which one you'd like to go with. I chose the "green" business card. You can also have as many backs as you want for your cards. I had 8 different backs, with the Mary Fremeau and glittery bow front. I just put my cell phone number and email address/website on the front.

I've talked to so many awesome women after Pure Barre classes who I've wanted to tell about my blog, but it's always so hard to quickly spell out "Belle on Trend" to someone and to remember, too, without writing it down. Having business cards will make this so much easier! Also, Mike won't have to be my constant "hype man" everywhere we go because I can just hand out a biz card if someone asks about the blog! :)

I am so grateful to Katie for her expertise. She is a true master of her craft and can create anything your heart desires.

So... what do you think!!??

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