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Trending 4.9.16-- Gifts for Moms

Today's trending report will be dedicated to the perfect Mother's Day gift for all the moms out there! Mother's Day is quickly approaching (how is it April 9th already, BTW!?). Mother's Day is May 8th, and if you're ordering something online, it will be crucial to begin placing orders soon. If your mom is out of state like mine, you need to also factor in the shipping/delivery time to your gift.

I love gifting jewelry to women. There is never a guess as to something not fitting. Jewelry is ideal for women of all ages. Honestly, some of my favorite pieces of my own jewelry were given to me as gifts (my MFM monogram necklace from Anna, my KJP anchors bow bracelet from Sarah, my Kate Spade yellow and pearl earrings from Courtney, my Bourbon and Boweties bracelet from Mandy, my Kate Spade bangles from Beth and my Goddaughter, my J. Crew jewels from my mom... the list is never ending!). Each piece of jewelry reminds me of the person who gave it to me.

[1.0] A latitude and longitude (coordinates) bracelet or necklace.
My Lat and Lo experience was so positive. Not only is the bracelet itself stunning, but the packaging was darling! Lat and Lo's slogan is where are you anchored? So the packaging is covered in nautical anchors. Adorable! With a Lat & Lo. purchase, you also won't have to wrap your gift. Choose a special location that is meaningful to you and your mom. Perhaps a family vacation spot, the hospital in which you were born or your first home address.

[2.0] "Mom" in different languages bangle.
We bought my mom this bangle a few years ago for Mother's Day, and she wears it so often. It says "mom" in several different languages. It's a conversation starter, yet a simple enough bangle to be worn daily and stacked with a watch or other bangles. Also, Kate Spade makes these Mom idiom bangles that are inscribed with little mom-isms like "sit up straight, say thank you, do your homework, play nice, say please, go play outside". 

[3.0] Mom book to fill in.
This asks your mom to do a little work, but believe me, it is so worth it. My mom filled hers out and gave it back to me for Christmas, and I have been reading a few pages at a time. It makes me laugh and cry-- it is something I will always cherish. Then, I will always have her words with me for the rest of my life. It's a gift that "keeps on giving"! On the reverse, this book asks you what you LOVE about your mom. You fill it in, and then you give it to her. Both options will create memories and happiness!

[4.0] Artwork or prints to hang.
Depending on your mom's interests and hobbies, there is wall art out there for her. Last year, I bought my mom some nautical painting prints for her house in Florida. It was an affordable gift, but it was tailored to her likes! Mike bought me two fashion prints by Jessica Illustration on Etsy. He framed these, and we hung them in my "office" (the spare bedroom-- haha). They're so special! The artist is incredibly talented and lovely-- she helped Mike choose the best ones for me! Here is a favorite that would look beautiful in a mom's home. Here's one that Mike bought for me. She is incredibly talented! Check out her website for even more!

[5.0] Framed and enlarged photograph from an important event or canvas print.
Mike surprised me with three canvas prints of some of our wedding photos from They are fantastic! The company says it is based in Chicago; however, our canvases arrived from China, but they were great despite the long trip! LOL!

The photographs below are from our wedding! Check out Meagan's work at She is not only an amazing photographer, but she has become one of our friends. She is a beautiful person, inside and out!

One of the most tedious things to do, in my opinion, is to hang photographs. For some reason, it just really bugs me! Getting the photographs printed at Walgreens, finding a frame, cleaning the frame, framing the picture, hanging it well on the wall (not on a thumbtack like I usually do LOL)-- I don't know if it's just me being lazy, but it drives me nuts! Haha!  A true labor of love, printing and framing a photograph for mom will be something she displays for years to come.

[6.0] A funny kitchen towel from Primitives by Kathy.
Remember this towel I mentioned for my Christmas shopping guide? I can't tell you how much my mom loves it. She doesn't even actually use it practically; she just has it on display. LOL! I found another perfect one for the moms in our lives: here.  I can guarantee your mom will get a huge kick out of realizing she was right about everything, and you've become her. Haha! I know my mom loves that. Additionally, this same company makes these wooden chalkboard box signs. Yes, that is much harder to verbalize than show you, so check this out!

[7.0] Starting an Alex and Ani collection for her.
Each Alex and Ani bracelet I have represents something very special to me from someone very important in my life. I have a feather from my hubs, an angel to represent my Aunt Sue from my mom, an F from my cousin Beth to represent my new last name, a Godmother charm from my Goddaughter ;-) Bryn, and a Saint Mary's College bracelet to represent one of the most incredible places on earth. It's always fun to see which bracelets friends and colleagues have. They tell a story, and they stack beautifully. I like the idea of a life saver or anchor for your mom (or any mothers in your life) to show how they're constantly helping and guiding you and keeping you together.

[8.0] Lightweight scarves.
Another "no size" item that I love to buy for women is scarves. Kate Spade makes some beautiful lightweight scarves. They can be pricey, but they always go on sale.  Lilly Pulitzer also makes gorgeous scarves. Depending on your budget for the mom in your life, I will give some options. Kate Spade: here, here (25% off until April 10!), and here.  Lilly Pulitzer: here (they come in different cities!) and here.  A lower price point but equally as beautiful: here-- those pom poms!, here (so perfect for summer) and here. These can be easily layered to an LBD or LWD for the summer, and they will instantly spruce up Mom's outfit!

Side note: I asked mom to send some pics of her in scarves-- let me just say, she is KILLIN it! Model material, IMO! Her scarves are all Leoma Lovegrove, a favorite of the Floridians. 

What are you buying for the mothers in your life? Don't forget new mamas, too!

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