Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bows and Blush

I just wanted to share fun little outfit idea for you on this gloomy Thursday! 

If you're anything like me, you love the color blush, you adore bows, and ruffles make you happy. These outfit attributes are effortlessly girly! I love tucking a silk shirt into a high-waisted skirt, too. I think this is such a classy, appropriate-for-teaching-high-schoolers, professional look. 

It WAS getting warmer (wah! Today, not so much), and I am loving wearing my Jacks to work. I have three pairs: a teal, the pictured pink (below) and a monogrammed white and gold pair. I wear my Jack Rogers sandals ALL the time once the temperatures get over 55. They're classic-- if you aren't familiar with the brand, ask your mom or grandmother about them-- I bet they've heard of them or own a pair themselves. They last for years. I've gotten two pairs on sale on RueLala. (If you need an invite to RueLala, let me know! It's the best for discount designer shopping! It's free to join; you just need an invitation!). 

Silk ruffled blouse: old J.Crew factory, but similar here, here, here, here, here or here.
Bow skirt: old Anthropologie, similar style skirts here, here, here, here (in mint) here (those colors!) or here (my favorite kind of flowers!).
Addendum: just found a few *big time sale* 60% off blush silk tops from Ann Taylor here, here, here and here

Jack Rogers sandals: here.

Rhinestone bow bracelet: from Fran's wedding! Similar here

Bow bag: old Kate Spade, similar here and here-- this red is amazing! 

These pieces make for an effortless wear-to-work look. After wearing this outfit to work on Monday, Mike and I went out to dinner at Barrel and Rye (AMAZING FOOD! Try the shrimp salad!), and it doubled as a perfect date-night/celebratory dinner outfit. 

What's your go-to wear-to-work look?

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