Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday Night in the City: A Guide to Fall Fashion

If you live in a state where there are seasons, you are blessed. Seeing the fall foliage on a run or a walk or even while driving is such a gift. Seasons can be rough when it's Chicagoland in late January, but for now let's relish the beauty of October.

Dressing for a night out in the fall is slightly more difficult than a very cold month (hello, Sorels and sweaters) or the dog days of summer. Tights or no tights? Long sleeves with no jacket? Short sleeves and jacket? No tan any more, so how can I rock lighter colors?

Fear not, fashionistas, I shall show you some options!  For reference, it was about 66 degrees Saturday, and it dipped lower in the evening.

Here are the pieces of an effortless fall look, that won't break the bank. This outfit will also transition nicely into winter with the addition of a cardigan and tights.

I just picked these up to take me through winter. I found them at Von Maur, but they are online at the link above, too. I sprayed them with suede spray, and they will become my go-to bootie with crops, skirts and tights, and skinny jeans. Extremely comfortable, and worth every penny. 

I found a flouncy/flowy/majorly comfy black dress (with pockets!) at this great little boutique in downtown Aurora. YM Boutique is one of the cutest hidden gems in Aurora. I heard about it because one of my dancers works there and also models for the store. The owner, I found out from another sweet employee, came from LA two years ago to start the boutique in downtown Aurora. Once the pieces are sold, they are typically not reordered (very unique!). There are a few sizes of each item, and EVERYTHING was fabulous. It was like walking into a downtown Chicago boutique-- but in the burbs! I highly recommend visiting the store. You won't be disappointed! The price point is awesome; for reference, my LBD was $36.50. I know this dress will transition perfectly into winter with layers and tights, and then can be re-worn in the summer with flip flops and a tan :)

The fun stuff: accessories

For a night downtown, I don't like to carry my normal, large purse. A clutch is excellent for a night out. I don't need my full size wallet-- I instead carry a card case. This Tory Burch card case was a gift from my fellow fashionista, Jackie, about 4 years ago. It is still as good as new, and I am sure it will last for years to come.  Find it here. It's perfect for when you have a small purse and no room for your daily wallet. 

A clutch, in black or gold, is such a staple piece for an evening out. If you're at restaurants and bars, it is much more convenient to not be bothered with anything bulky. Chose, instead, a hand held clutch. Mine was from the Neiman Marcus for Target line, a few years ago, but here is a similarly fabulous clutch from Kate Spade.  Another sparkly option can be found here.

The jewels:

Since my dress is fairly simple, I knew my jewelry game had to be on fleek. I chose to go heavy on the gold accents, with my Alex and Ani collection of bangles on display.  Check out the website, here! These stackable bracelets are to die for! They are great gifts. I have a Saint Mary's College one, an "F", a Godmother one, an angel of wisdom, and a feather. They're perfect to stack and layer. Fellow Belles, check this one out: adorable!

My necklaces were layered-- two statement necklaces together can create a mega-chunky, mega-trendy look. Mine are old, but here are two similar: Loft option, here and J.Crew option, here.

I also love stacking the Kate Spade bangles. Here are a couple fabulous ones: You can never go wrong with gold glitter, and this black and white one is so versatile! My girls Mandy and Sarah bought me a black and white bow one that I wear several times a week. Any of the idiom bangles are perfect for daily wear, stacked with your watch. Awesome new idiom bangle-- as good as gold.

Also, this pave link bracelet works with all my gold accessories. For $18, you can't beat it! 

My earrings were a gift from one of my besties, Mandy. When I got engaged, she got me these knot earrings, found here, for "tying the knot"! It was the most thoughtful gift! I wear them CONSTANTLY!  

The red lip:
Stila stain-- found here. I got it for my wedding in the Amalfi color. The red was a gift from my fabulous sister, Anna. The red I use is called Fiery. It lasts for HOURS-- through eating and drinking, too. I got so many compliments on the magenta color I wore at our wedding. 

A final note, these pockets made this dress so fun! We had such a great night out, celebrating Meg's visit to Chicago and her new job.

What are your go-to fall pieces? Tell me about it in the comments! 


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