Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Boots de Resistance

Having lived in Youngstown, Ohio growing up, and off to college in South Bend, Indiana, only to graduate and move to the next state westward, I have become well-versed in dressing (my feet) for Midwestern winters.

Let me tell you about my boot-spertise.
Below: Frye similar, here, green Hunters here, aubergine Hunters similar, here (and on sale!), Sorels similar, here.

Hunter Boots:
My favorite pair: pictured above with Mr. Fremeau's Sperrys :-)

Hunter Boots sans boot socks are perfect for warmer weather with rain.
Below: my friends Lauren and Maria with me in the middle. Rainy springtime calls for Hunters without the boot socks!

I will say, however, you must wear boot socks when it is cold. The rubber is not warm nor insulated; however, the height of the Hunters are extremely necessary when Chicagoland gets feet (yes, multiple!) of snow.  The boot socks are fleece-lined and fabulous. Find fun boot socks, here and here (both on sale!).  You can get matte Hunters or glossy ones. Hunters are available in different heights, too, but I have always stuck to the tallest (our snow gets deep out here!). Additionally, there are extra wide calf-widths for my runner friends!

Pictured below: wintertime Hunters with my bestie, Mandy. Mine are matte; Mandy's are glossy.

I suggest to stay away from the foldable/packable Hunters. They're nice and structured when you buy the originals.  Here is a staple pair  to begin your collection.  Nordstroms and Von Maur have been my go-to for on-sale boots. I have NEVER paid full price for a pair!

Frye Boots (leather):

Disclaimer: do not pay full price for your Fryes. They are an investment, and a boot you will wear for years to come. But, they are not a $450 investment! Wait until the Nordstrom's annual sale-- I purchased mine for half price at that time. Sign up for Nordie's emails or download the app to stay in the know; the annual sale is typically around the end of summer.  The Frye company has been in business for over 150 years. My horsey-pals know Fryes are the best for riding boots, too. The history speaks for itself!

Above: the hubs and I at the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker last year. In the picture, I am wearing old Banana Republic boot socks (similar here, from Urban Outfitters).  

Above: Fryes with on-sale Target knee socks. My advice to you when looking for boot socks for your Fryes is to check the sale section of socks at Target. The colors can be impractical, but at some time you might be inclined to wear coral knee socks, and for $2.49, you really can't go wrong. 

Above: fall in Youngstown with my man. Fryes over skinny jeans work perfectly! With a full boot-length zipper, you can tuck away pants without a struggle. 
Classic black, distressed here (click for the black view).


The warmest boots you'll ever own!

These are, by far, the best winter boots I have ever purchased. I wore Uggs around the Saint Mary's College campus for four years, but the salt ate them mercilessly each season. No amount of "Ugg" spray could protect those suede monsters from their untimely disintegration.

Mandy and I have matching Sorels. :-) 

My try-ons at Von Maur, AKA my happy place. 
Sorels are perfect winter footwear. Tuck them into your skinnies or crops for protected and warm ankles and feet! 

Whether you're a Hunters-type of gal, a Sorel-boot wearer or someone who rocks a Frye, what are your go-to winter boots? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Loving this post, especially since there is snow in the forecast for me in Toronto this weekend. Already!!! I love my Hunters and I agree about waiting for a sale. I got mine for half price, I just had to be patient. We've had such bad winters lately, I am thinking of adding a pair of Bean Boots or Sorels. I heard there is a shortage on Bean Boots so the decision may have just been made for me! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading! Snow already? WOW! Oh my gosh-- totally go for those Sorels! You will not be disappointed! The Duck boots by LL Bean and Sperry are also so fab, but the Sorels keep your ankles and shins warm, too. Happy boot hunting! You'll love the Sorels, for real! Stay warm and dry!! xxoo

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  3. Reading your blog is a highlight to my week, Belle! Your advice is always on point, and your looks are on fleek! Next up on my shopping list: Fryes! Xoxo

    1. girl, you won't be disappointed! And I promise you-- you can pass those babies on to KK when you've worn them for years-- an heirloom if you will! LOVE you and am so appreciative of your support!

  4. Love my Hunters, but for any temps below freezing, I have a pair of Pajar winter boots. They're super warm and remarkably light. Looove them!

    1. I am going to look into this brand-- Pajar-- thanks so much, Molly! I love the lightness factor, too!

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