Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bow-Neck Rainbow Dress

When I saw this rainbow colored dress, I went all goo-goo eyes over it! I wasn't super crazy about the original price ($98), but J. Crew loooooves that pricepoint for just about everything, which is silly to me. Anywho, I waited, and low and behold, a 30% off sale hit!  I was down for a $70 fancy dress! The bow, you guys! It just is so fun to style. You can wear it in the middle, on the side, long or short-- totally up to you! Pro tip: sign up for the J. Crew emails so you never miss a 30% off sale! They come often!
Also, size down! I ordered this dress in a 6, and it was way too big. This is a 4, so I would do a full size down. I could probably have gone to a 2, but s'mores. 

This Banana Republic clutch is probably 5 or more years old. However,
here are some more options:

My lip color is Impassioned by MAC. 

^^ Mike goes, "oh my gosh, your arms, Mary!" When I was doing the pony tail shots. He goes, "Pure Barre arms!" hahaha! 

A wedge version that you'll wear a ton: here.

They were originally over $200 from J. Crew. Again, not happy with the priecpoint, I waited them out! Lol. They got down to $80, then I had a $50 giftcard, and then I had a $20 rewards card, so I consider them pretty much free. They're from the winter, but here are some amazing sparkly shoes for you:

Bow blowing in the breeze! haha! ^^^

Me laughing when Mike told me that the background of this shoot was the local Ace Hardware store. haha!

I am loving all these bow-tie tops from J. Crew. The bow just adds that extra whimsy to a top or dress. I Just adore all things rainbow or bows!

Have you been following along with Lollapalooza updates and shows? I am so sad. I was supposed to go today, but I have jury duty bright and early tomorrow. Ugh. But, our friend Evan used my ticket, and I know he and Mike are having a blast. The last pic I got from Mike's brother, Scott, confirms this: 
^^ Matthew and Mike-- hahahah! During Charlie XCX- tradition for Mike to be on Matthew's shoulders during Charlie XCX's set. 

Super sad to be missing out with the crew, but I have to admit, it's kind of nice watching on Apple TV with the dogs bahaha! 
How was your weekend?


  1. the bow adds such a unique and fun twist to the dress!

    work it girl!


    1. Thank you so much, Jac!!! I love that bow, too! And the colors! I can't wait to wear it on the first day of school.