Monday, March 6, 2017

Ruffle Front Gingham Dress! ON SALE!

When I made my first $100 cash from Belle On Trend (actually, when I was close, and knew it was coming #Icouldntwait) [author's note: I still actually haven't been paid YET, but I will by March 20 bahahhaa], I ordered this dress I had been eyeing for a few weeks. It was PERFECT, and it was exactly what I wanted to spend my first blog cash on.  When I put it on- Mike can attest to this- I literally was standing in my closet screaming with joy! hahaha! I know that sounds insane to actually type out, but OMG, you guys, this dress was made for a ruffle/gingham/bow lover.

It comes in 2 colors, but I already had the blue and white pin-striped Edie shirt. I blogged about it in the fall, and I love that shirt SO MUCH. The fit was absolutely perfect, so I felt confident ordering the same size (4) online in a dress version.

This is the kind of dress you put on, and you're immediately just SO HAPPY!!!! That ruffle! The little ribbon belt! The pockets! And it's currently 50% off $69, which is $30-something! haha! Use code: SALEFUN

All pictures by Andrea at Swofford Photography. Hire her, you guys! She is incredible!

^^ Fresh new haircut thanks to Annalisa at Beautiful You Salon! She has been cutting my hair since 2011!  She's amazing. I haven't colored my hair since 2012, but I am thinking about some balayage this summer! Any suggestions? 

I love everything about this dress. The grosgrain belt can be worn with it, or you could swap out a different belt for a pop of color! Use this link for the sale dresses. For some reason the Nordies ones aren't coming up as on sale, but they definitely are! 

That bow! 

One of my bffs, Cheng, bought me this lightweight Kate Spade blanket scarf a few years ago when we were roommates in Chicago. I've grown up with Cheng; I forced him to be friends with me when he moved to Boardman in 5th grade. LOL. I remember being a totally bratty 11 year old with a bowl cut, and even though I had a HUGE digital watch on, I would never tell him what time it was. hahaha! But thank God he saw past my adolescent ways, and he remains like family to us!  And, hello, this scarf? How amazing is that? He picked it out himself! 

It was A LOT colder than the sun makes it look! But these pics were worth it!
Here's a similar Kate Spade lightweight scarf. It's perfect for the not-too-cold but not-too-hot days!
OMG, these tassels! Check out the other lightweight scarves below! SO many cute options! 

My red bag was my first "public school teacher job" purchase in 2011. (I was not buying Kate Spade bags for myself at my Catholic school teaching job haha). 
It's long gone by now, but here are some similar options. 

Also, the bag for if I go big with the blog... bahahha. The Chloe Marcie in tulip red... I die! A gal can dream, right? 

If you like this Edie style dress, check out these Edie shirts:
How did everyone's weeks start?
I got Starbucks this AM, grande cold brew sweet cream-- my sis got me hooked! I think that's going to be a treat for me on Mondays. I usually only do Starbucks once a week as a treat on Fridays (we have a Keurig), but why not start the week with a fab drink?


  1. Love this look! Gingham and ruffles are two of my favorite styles!

    Treats and Trends

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie! They are my faves, too! Thanks so much for reading!