Thursday, February 9, 2017

trending 2.9.2017

Here's your #Trending report for this chilly Thursday!

[1.0]  This periwinkle shirt dress with the pleated bottom and ikat details. OMG!
First of all, don't worry if you don't know what ikat is. I totally didn't know how to define it, so here is a nice definition for you, compliments of the Googles: fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving.
Now, more importantly, how beautiful is that dress for the transitional temperatures leading us into spring?

[2.0] Do you have spring break on the brain? If so, this sweatshirt has your name on it.
We are going to Florida for spring break to visit my mom and Gary, and we are finally getting to go at the same time as my sister and Shawn (and FINN!!!!!). A week of Finn, family and the sun is going to be heavenly.

[3.0] Are you a teacher? Do you love ruffles?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, you. need. these. khaks! I just ordered them when there was a 20% off and free shipping deal (plus, I had $25 off!), and they just arrived yesterday! LOOK AT THAT RUFFLE DETAIL! They're high-waisted and amazing. I got a 6 because I read that they ran a little small. I am so glad I did! If you're in between sizes, size up.  I cannot tell you how hard it is to find a nice pair of khakis. It seems so silly, but I SEARCH for khakis every fall. I currently have 1 pair, and there's a big bleach spot on one leg. CLASSY! Currently on sale for 25% off with code HEARTYOU. 

[4.0] I am loving this beautiful yellow floral top!
Old Navy is totally my go-to for trends. They do not disappoint when it comes to work-to-weekend styles (I see this yellow peplum with navy capris and a nude wedge for work). And, their pricepoint is fabulous. You always get a steal at Old Navy.

[5.0] Old Navy is getting me so pumped for spring with these pixie pants.
Look at the golden yellow, large floral or black floral options. Helloooooo teacher pants!!!! Pants under $30 are definitely my jam, too. Plain collared shirt on top (white or chambray), statement necklace and you're good to go.

[6.0] This lightweight wool bow sweater is beautiful!
I know we will have cold temps in Illinois for a few more weeks months, so I better get used to it. What better to ease the pain of the doldrums of February than this adorable sweater? BOWS on everything! Loving the blush color best. Currently on sale for 25% off with code HEARTYOU.

[7.0] I will entitle this one, "when I'm rich".
Talk about the mother load of bow-tiful amazingness. That pricepoint is RIDICULOUS, obvi, but, seriously, that is a thing of beauty. Or, should I say, bow-ty. LOL, cool puns, Mar. On the other hand, it IS cashmere, so keep that in mind. SWOON.

[8.0] This ruffle top, at the most reasonable pricepoint.
My good friend and fellow fashionista, Krista, sent me two items she found that reminded her of me. Numbers 8 and 9 are all thanks to Krista! She works for Kohls and is seriously my blog-inspo. I would have never started Belle On Trend if it weren't for her original blog, Fit for Fargo. Love you, girl!

[9.0] A bow neck coat that resembles the Kate Spade stunner.
Thanks to Krista for another Kohls find! Seriously, I have wanted the Kate Spade bow neck coat for approximately 6  years. I try it on EVERY time I go to the outlets, but I always talk myself out of it. Now, I can purchase the Kohls version for a fraction of the price. Plus, I am loving this cobalt! It's gorg!

[10.0] This ruffle top from J. Crew.
Do you guys sense a theme here? Bows, ruffles and glitter? Hahaha!! I guess I have a signature style. But seriously, this shirt!!!!!! J. Crew has made me sooooooo mad lately with overcharging me and messing up a return, in two separate circumstances, but dang, they have the best clothes ever. Like, even as I say this, there was a J. Crew package on my front porch (and a Factory one hahahaha, but that was from Mike to me for Vday). So, clearly even though they make me mad, I still can't stop shopping there. UGH. For the record, they have fixed the issues both times, but it's been a real pain. I should definitely boycott. However, I physically cannot. bahahah. Currently on sale for 25% off with code HEARTYOU. 

[11.0] I can't stop at 10 this week because there are too many good finds! These fringe Miller sandals will be perfect for spring break in Florida!
My favorite of the three colors is the magenta and beige. Beauty!

[12.0] Okay, last one I promise. This floral bomber jacket!
I am obsessed! And, get this, IT'S FROM TARGET!  $29, you guys! -5% with my Red Card. Plus, I can get our groceries and just hide this underneath the produce so Mike doesn't notice hahahah! Pshhhh. It's my Target card anyway. #idowhatiwant #justkiddingirunitbymike #becausenowwesharemoney

I hope you're having an awesome week. I have had the busiest week with my last formal observations, starting a new tutoring gig and a Barre Besties challenge at Pure Barre. Oh, and teaching my SAT prep classes! This girl needs a little break!

Looking soooooooo forward to Valentine's Day celebrations with my hubs this weekend and seeing the second most important man in my life... FINN!


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