Sunday, December 6, 2015

Belle On Trend's Christmas Wish List

Here are a few of the items I am asking Santa (AKA Mom, my hubs or sister) for. I am also an epiphany (January 6) baby, so I will be sure to keep these in mind for myself with the after-Christmas sales!

1.  This ruffle top from Banana Republic.  The ruffle detail is so fun and feminine. I love ruffles on everything-- especially shirts! Blush is one of my favorite clothing colors, too. (The gray version of this top is darling, as well).

2. The Girl on the Train was recommended to me by one of my awesome coworkers at school. I love to buy and own books, instead of using an iPad or Kindle (I also love stocking the books up on our bookshelves!). It must be the English major/teacher in me. I am looking forward to reading this, as my friend told me it's extremely gripping!

3. This sparkly bracelet from Kate Spade is to die for!  Kate Spade bangles are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I tend to stack them with my watches. Here is the "Glitter is my Favorite Color" idiom bracelet.

4. I popped into J. Crew in downtown Naperville the other night before meeting Mike after work. I saw this beauty in the flesh, and it was a fabulous find! How fun would this be (I love the white or gray) with a skinny pair of cropped black pants and fancy heels? Or even skinny dark jeans? Maybe Santa will find it as adorable as I do!

5.  Last year, I watched (okay, obsessed) over a buffalo plaid Milly dress that was about $400 and completely out of my price range. I checked it daily on Nordstrom's website, in hopes that somehow it would go on sale for approximately 75% off. To my dismay, after cyber-stalking the dress for months, it sold out completely.  I was heartbroken! (I later saw Reece Witherspoon wearing it in a magazine, so she may have increased its popularity. Sheesh!).  But, I just saw this dress from Mindy Mae's Market that is a very similar style! I think it's kismet! It is $67.99, and I could wear it in winter with boots and a cardigan, and then into the fall with wedges or Sperrys!

6. I have been married now since July 11, and I have sneakily continued to use my old MHM monogrammed necklaces.  The time has come to retire my old monogrammed pieces and move on to MFM!  Moon and Lola is where I bought my first monogrammed necklace about four years ago. It has served me well!  I love the different bright acrylic colors M&L offers! 

What's on your Christmas list this year? What gifts have you bought so far? I would tell you what I've bought, but I can't give anything away just yet! ;-)


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