Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter! #RoseAllDay

Easter weekend was so special! Anna, Shawn, Finn and Coop spent the night on Saturday, and we got to take Finn to his first Easter mass on Sunday. Then, we headed to our cousins' house in St. Charles for our annual Easter celebration. It was so much fun! We are so blessed to live just 40 miles from Anna and Shawn (and even closer to our "Chicago" cuzzies!). 

Unkie Mike with Finny before mass 

Finn's outfit was sooooo cute! Thanks to Auntie Jackie for that adorbs monogrammed outfit
those knee socks!!! ^^^

Tulle skirt options: 

I just tucked in my go-to white collared shirt for mass with this tulle skirt. I always feel so Carrie Bradshaw-esque in this skirt! I have linked tulle skirts from $16-$160, so take your pick! I promise you TONS of compliments from friends and strangers alike. 

Finn loves his Unkie Mike. He wanted to be in Mike's arms the entire time during mass! 

All the Chicago girl cousins got these Rose All Day tees from Old Navy! 
They were soooo soft. Such a hit!  They are $10 now!

My sweet cousin/mentor, Beth! And her adorable son, who was our ring bearer in our wedding, Jack. 

Jack took this pic, hehe! Lori and Tom always host us. They're so good to us, and it means so much because our parents are in Ohio! 

All the ladies! Literally from ages 30-93 in the Rose all Day tees! 

Jack took this one, haha! A lower angle from our favorite 6 year old! 

Anna, Gail, Trish, Vee, Rosie, Rose, Lori, Beth and myself.

Nana with her little loves! And my goddaughter, Bryn, on the right! 

More fun, inexpensive graphic tees:

Do you live near your family? I am so glad I moved to Illinois after Saint Mary's (because if not then I wouldn't have met Mike!), but I do miss my family a lot! It's so nice to have my cousins out here to be with for holidays :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lace Peplum + Tassels

If I had to pick a store to sum up my style, it would be, without a doubt, J. Crew (factory or regular-- they both GET me!). I tend to mix super girly pieces with more casual looks (think: blush tulle skirts and graphic tees), and that is something J. Crew does so well. My mom and sister BOTH surprised me with this lace peplum tank from J. Crew for my birthday; they knew I would adore it! Here's a look from last weekend on such a beautiful spring day. 

Okay, these shoes!!!! 

They are comfy and show stoppers. Also, they come in more *subdued* colors like black, camel, nude and blush. I bought them at DSW for under $70!

I am wearing these shoes for Finn's First Fiesta on Saturday, so I needed a sparkly pedi to match! Yellow and gold! Pamper Nails in Geneva is my all-time fave place to go. 

^^ bonus when your nails match your adirondack chairs LOL 

There is nothing more wearable than a great pair of jorts. I am telling you, I wear these so often all summer long! Mine are Gap from a few years back, but here are some similar, updated ones:

The best part of moving into our house over winter was now we get to have a surprise of all the flowers that pop up! Like these beauts!

Obsessed with anything peplum (and anything lace, for that matter). Make it pink, and I am sold!
Now, this is from January, but I have rounded up some peplum and lace tanks. You won't want to miss these!

This tassel necklace was under $25 at the J. Crew Outlet! I love it, and I get a lot of compliments on it from my students. When my kiddos like my clothes, I know I'm cool. LOL

I don't wear my Ray Ban Wayfarers nearly enough. They are so classic! 

I used to have a tortoise shell pair, but those are at the bottom of a lake in Illinois. RIP

What I love about this top is I paired it with black pants and a blazer for work, and it was suddenly dressy!

Here are a bunch of fab peplum tops you need in your life:
Like, this BOW one! 

I am so excited for my family to arrive tomorrow for Finn's bday weekend! And Mike's 33rd birthday is tomorrow, too!!! AH! So much excitement ahead!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sequined Tee + Red Lips

It's an ongoing joke with my friends (and has been for years) that I like to overdress for everything. Who was it who said, "you can never be overdressed or over educated"? (Note: I just checked. It's Oscar Wilde!). That's honestly how I feel. For my 30th birthday party, I wore a tulle skirt. To a brewery. LOL.  For a random Friday night with some pals over to our house, I wore a fully sequined tee. I never feel overdressed. I am certain people think I look ridiculous being so dressy when I don't need to be (cough cough Anna), but I love to get dressed up. I have actually worn this sequined tee to work with black pants, too. It is actually not my only fully sequined shirt. I have a navy and gold striped one :) When I went to Columbus, my girlfriends joked that I should bring my formal gowns for the weekend. haha!! You know I would, girls!

I think one of our favorite parts of being homeowners is being able to entertain. We have the seating space now, as opposed to having no sitting room in our apartment. 
It's so fun to have people over for apps and drinks. 
My sequined shirt was such a steal a few months ago from J. Crew Factory (it still is under $25!). This is a small for reference. It's also available in black

^ it's also fun to be barefoot at your own home haha!

The best part about such a fancy, busy top, is you need very little along the lines of accessories. I wore a few thin bangles with my watch, and my gold tassel earrings. 
These curvy Loft skinny jeans are the best. I bought them on sale for $31! 

This Mac Red lip is one of my favorites! 
More fabulous red lip colors:

More fun sequin-y tops:

How great is the dancing emoji sequin tee? Adorbs! 

^^^ Storms were a-brewin! 

Haha. Well, this is me with my eyes closed cheesin'. I wanted to note how great this red lip color is, though! Again, Mac Red
My tassel earrings are old J. Crew Factory, but here are some similar ones:

I was so happy to have the gals (and their men) over. Ibby and Stephanie (on the left) live so close to us! And the Miller girls are nearby in Aurora.

More of my sequined picks:

How's your week so far? Are you having warm weather? 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Maxi Dress in Paradise + Puppy!

Oh hello! I just got back (Sunday) from the BEST WEEKEND EVER with my high school besties in Columbus. We had an absolute blast-- more on that trip to come! I wanted to round out my last of the Punta Gorda trip pics (sad!). Just reminiscing over these pictures makes me yearn for warmer weather (though I won't complain-- I got some sun on Sunday while putting together our patio furniture). Did you see it on my Insta-story? I am pretty proud of myself! Mike mowed the lawn, and I assembled deck furniture. It was a super #adulting Sunday outside.

Now to the outfit! (And the cutest puppy in existence!)

Cooper is my sister and BIL's pup. He was a rescue, but he is likely Shitzu and Maltese. He loves to cuddle and beg for human food (then ultimately puke because he ate too much -- haha!). 

Coop makes us all so happy. Before Finn was in the picture, Cooper was the man of the house. Now that honor goes to Finny. But, we all still adore this little fluffball!

My maxi dress is sooooo comfortable. Honestly, I love it for vacation. Here's why: it's a 30-second outfit with sandals, it's stretchy and flattering for handling the amount of food I was eating, and also, it's great for airports because you can throw on a cardigan for the plane where it's cold, but you can be comfy in the heat of Florida upon deplaning! 

The dress is 2 years old from the Lilly for Target line (quite possibly the biggest racket in all of Lilly history because women at my Target in St. Charles were literally pulling 8-10 dresses of the same sort off the racks to re-sell. That was the worst! But, I digress...).

Here are some similar Lilly maxi dresses. They run TTS, and mine is a small for reference. The Sloane maxi is really flattering! 

This might be my favorite maxi ever made by Lilly! Those tassels!!! 

My Jacks are seriously such a staple in warm weather. They're great to stand in to teach all day, too! 
Again, never pay full price for your Jacks. These and my pink ones were $70 max. 

My tassel earrings were a gift from my friends for my birthday! I also have them in gold (remember this post?). They are from J. Crew Factory in the fall/winter, but here are some equally amazing ones to swoop up:

PS: these are on super sale! 

I love Cooper! I cannot wait to get a puppy! 

oh ya know, just me and Coop's butt. LOL 

More maxis:

Wait, how cute is Mike with a pup! haha!! Getting something off his little paws.

And how cute is Mike in general?!!! Awwwwww!

Definitely one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip. Please note that Finn and Gary are twinning! 

Critter shorts and all-- amazing! 


Ahhhhh... these pictures make me want to go back, NOW!  I get to spend Saturday and Sunday with Finn, Anna, Shawn and Coop, so I am one happy lady. Then, Finn's first fiesta is April 22!! How is he already almost one?! Where does the time go?! Ahhhhhhhhh! Slow. Down. Stay. Little. Forever. Please!

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! We are off for Good Friday this week, so today is technically our "Wednesday".