Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mad for Plaid!

I am so obsessed with tartan plaid from basically November to January every year! What would be cuter than family Christmas card pics in tartan? Or hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas clad in paid? Here are my top picks for PLAID this season!


If you need to get your feet wet with plaid, try this! Just a touch of plaid on the pocket-- soooo cute!

This plaid/ruffle button up sold out soooo quickly last year. It's sure to do the same this year! Buy yours now-- only $32!

My Thanksgiving top! Under $40.

An absolute classic tartan print for $29. 



Obsessed does not even begin to describe my thoughts on this beauty.



Okay, so what plaid is everyone purchasing?? 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

J. Crew Ruffle-Sleeve Sweater + Office Reveal!

Happy Saturday! I hope you've had a wonderful week and are relaxing this weekend (or out living it up if you aren't preggo like me! haha!). We decided to move the office from upstairs to the living room in preparation for baby boy Fremeau to move in! The office upstairs will now be his nursery. My saint of a husband (seriously, I married way up you guys!) painted the living room this awesome light blue color [Sweet Retreat by Clark and Kensington, if you're in the market!] (all by himself; I seriously didn't do a single stroke-- not because I didn't want to help, but it was in my really-really-nauseous weeks, and he said to just relax!). He is so incredibly helpful around the house. I don't know what I would do without him. Also, I don't know how I lived without him in my life. He makes every day so much easier/better/brighter. OK, okay, I will stop bragging hahaha! But I do love him so much and thank God every day we found each other.

Anywho, he found this dining room table (which is actually able to extend out almost a foot more on each side with the arms extended) on discount from Crate and Barrel, and he got the best idea to make it into our desk.  He found the chairs and matching filing cabinets, too. He put everything together! This is a total Mike Fremeau masterpiece, you guys. I just sit at it and do work! 

Sadly, the table was on clearance, so it's gone. But, I will link as much as I can, in case you're in the market to re-do your own office. Plus, the J. Crew sweater I'm wearing is down to $27, and it's SOOOOOOO COZY!  It comes in 4 colors, too! 

Chairs: here
Task lamp: here.

We framed our degrees! It only took about 9 years. LOL 

Bella wanted to help Daddy while he read his Notre Dame football blogs hahah


My handsome guy. :)  

Kate Spade pencil cup: here

My Tory Burch bag (linked below) is called the "Ella" (not the mini). The navy matches our school colors (haha!), and it is sooo durable. I bought this one in 2015 fall, and I will continue to wear it for years. 

J. Crew ruffle sweater (I'm in a medium for reference) -- SO COZY!!! 

Tory Burch tote bag-- the best size for a work bag!

Flamingo mug: 

The contents of my work bag:
my teacher planner and my daily planner/calendar are by May Designs! You can design/monogram your own! You also get 15% off your first order. It's so much fun to create yours.
My pencil pouch is thanks to my girl, Julie. This is from Target, and she got it and the Lilly notebook for me for my birthday last year. I use both every day! 

Mike recently picked up his grandmother's piano from his oldest brother in Jackson, and he has been playing ever since! 

He is super good!!! 

Next to the musical notes map (a gift I got Mike a few Christmases ago from Target actually!), is his framed band plaid! It's a coveted part of the band uniform when you're in the Notre Dame Marching Band. He played drums :)  A cool gift to give if you're dating/married to a domer who was once a bandie!

Bella likes when daddy plays. Actually, she just likes licking the carpet underneath the bench. LOL 

Even though I teach freshmen, you would not believe how excited they get about stickers on their As and Bs. It's so darn cute. I get these emoji stickers from Walgreens for $1, and I just stock up. 

More on sale ruffle sweaters:

More fringey earrings: 

The best-fitting jeans ever-- maternity-- thanks to my sis for letting me borrow:

Hope you've enjoyed our little office space reveal! Now I actually have to grade with that pile of rubrics LOL. But, there's nothing better than grading with a sparkly G2 and fun emoji stickers!! Haha!!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Insta-gram Outfit Roundup-- Non-maternity!

Hi, you guys!

I am writing this in my 18th week of pregnancy, finally feeling less nauseous and more Mary. I joke to the new teachers at our school that they've only known me as crazy nauseous, exhausted, hot-mess Mary, and I swear I'm not actually this miserable on a daily basis! They are of course super nice and reassure me that I am FINE, but I have felt off my game for about 17 weeks straight. That's super tough when you're a teacher, and you need to be *on* for 10 periods a day. But, I am thanking God for less nausea!!! Yahoo!  My kids are so funny; they're like, "won't it be funny when we meet your baby and tell him we have known him since he was the size of a sweet potato?" :) So cute. My 10th hour has taken to calling Baby Fremeau "Tito", but I kindly let them know that name was likely off the list since it won't match with our French last name. Ha!

Today's post is my Instagram outfit roundup from the past couple weeks. Nothing is maternity, so it is all clothes you can wear now (and later, if you were planning to be pregnant in the future!). I apologize in advance for the inundation of mirror-selfie pics, but I usually do my #ootd pics at 6:30 am before I walk out the door.  Mike is still snuggled in bed (rightfully so), and a mirror has to suffice!

This J. Crew top is one of my favorites, and it has been totally fine through week 18 of pregnancy. Last year's J. Crew pieces were sadly pretty short and wide, but it works for my pregnant self now. haha! 

This Gap one is 50% off, too! Free shipping with code: FFcard 

Similar ruffly/striped tops: 

These are the Old Navy leggings I am obsessed with. They are not maternity, but they work for a growing belly! They are dressy enough for work (with butt pockets!), and they are currently 50% off on the Old Navy website with code: D7JCVFVGNYBB

Workout gear has been a little trickier, as most workout pants are meant to flatten your tummy. This is great if you aren't preggo, but for me, it just makes my belly separate into two huge chunks. hahaha. If that makes any sense?! At any rate, my go-to workout pants have been the Align pants from Lululemon. I have two pairs of the 25 inch ones (for me, at 5'6, these are full length!), and 1 pair of the crops. They do run big, so size down! My crops from the summer are size 4 and my pants are both size 6. Now they've introduced a line of full-length pants, but unless you're super tall, the 25 inch ones will be perfect for you. They're so flattering, and they don't squeeze your belly into two parts haaha! They are high-waisted, and buttery soft! They also come in literally 20 colors. 

This dress was such a winner for me at Von Maur! It came in 4 colors there, but then I found it in more colors and fabrics online, too. This is a junior's medium, and the fabric was just sooooooooo soft and cozy! I know that I'm at a weird size in my pregnancy where regular pants do not fit, but the maternity pants with the big panel in front are still way too big. So, I resort to dresses! And boots with boot socks. Easy, dressy and comfy for work! 

Side note about the choker neck: you can wear it behind your neck if you prefer, and it doesn't look funky. I was not 100% sold on the choker detailing, but it was a $38, comfortable, able-to-wear-preggo dress, so I couldn't resist. Also, two of my super fashionable friends said they loved it, so I was sold. haha!! More swing/sweater dresses:

This Banana Republic jacket was a gift from Mike when we first started dating (almost 5 years ago!! Probably because I used to just have it up on my laptop screen to stare at for hours a day hahaha #pathetic), but here are my favorite fun coats/jackets right now:

This ruffle-front Loft tunic has been a favorite of mine for over a year. Here's the new version of it: 

Size down, for sure; Loft tops run really big. The pictured one above is an XS. 

Also, more Old Navy leggings (I swear I have several pairs of the same colors, and they do get washed a lot haha!). I have a medium and a large, and I also have 8 and 10 for sizes. I pull them up over the bump, and they fit great! Stock up on Old Navy leggings while they are on sale. They aren't maternity, and they are super flattering! 

Tory Burch flats are amazing for being on your feet all day! My striped pair is 4 years old, and I have 3 other colors. They hold up SO WELL! 

Finally, an easy Saturday-afternoon look: it was raining, and I went to the city to watch Finn. I am back with more Align leggings (these are 25 inch in Jaded). SO comfy and butterlike material. I need to buy a black pair. I just got the Granulite Garnet Black, and I am loving the color). 

Hunter Boots: 

I wear my Hunters all the time. Even if there is a chance of rain, I throw them on. I have the above purple/aubergine color, and I also have the classic green. I wear them a lot with dresses, too, and to and from Pure Barre classes. 

My Lilly Pultizer popover is one of my favorite pieces. I have had it since 2015 because I bought it specifically to wear on our honeymoon flights (haha, actually Mike bought it for me, and I bought him a Notre Dame zip up for the same purpose! #tradesies). It is sooooooo cozy! This is a small. I will certainly need a bigger size in the coming months, but for now, it's totally fine with the stretch. 

Also, you guys, now you can MONOGRAM YOUR LILLY POPOVERS!!!!!  YAYYYY!!!!! 

I hope your weekend was great! Check my Insta stories for all the videos of Finn dancing, cleaning (he loves to clean-- just like his auntie hahaha!), and pretending to play guitar with his Hurley (his dad, my BIL, is on a Hurling League in Milwaukee in the summers, and we got Finn a little Hurley in the summer. I swear it's his favorite toy!!). This time change is going to be AWESOME for leaving at 6:30 am-- I will finally see the sun in the morning on my drive to school! 


Saturday, October 28, 2017

We are having a....!!!!!!!

Our amazing friend, Dave, agreed to take our gender reveal pics for us over the weekend, and I have to apologize to everyone who I said I didn't know gender yet!!! I just felt so bad because Mike wanted to tell his parents in person today (he is in Jackson, MI, this weekend-- happy birthday to my father-in-law, Jack!), and I needed to be sure to tell my dad first, too. I was lucky enough to tell my mom and Gary in person last weekend when they were in town to watch Finn (check my FB and Instagram for the video of my mom finding out!). I Facetimed Anna, Shawn and Finn minutes after we found out (I held up Bella and Bentley and asked them to guess which gender! hahah!). 

But, I hate lying, and I am very sorry for saying I haven't known!!! I just needed to be sure we told our immediate fam before I went blasting it all over the internet. I apologize!  But seriously, Dave Jennings, is the man. He took these incredible pics that I will share below. Hire him, you guys ( For Christmas card pics, engagement photos, your wedding, etc. I just got Anna to book him for her Christmas card pics. He's so reasonably priced, he is freakin' hilarious, and he is just a really great man/teacher. Now, look at his handiwork! 

Total teaser^^ that's us popping a balloon to show the gender with colored confetti... scroll down to see!!! 

I love this picture of Mike! 

^^ In Wayne, IL, right before 4 horses trotted by (with their owners, obvi). Little known fact: I am actually terrified of horses, even though some of my closest pals love them and ride them professionally (which truly amazes me)! But they literally horrify me. haha! 

A horsey pic for my friends Jenny, Val and Taryn-- haha! 

^^I love this one so much. Future canvas pic, perhaps?

Dave goes, "think autumnal thoughts, you guys!" hahaha

It is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Soon after this picture was taken, a cop pulled up, and I almost cried ahhaha. I didn't want to get in trouble! We did pick up all the little confetti chunks, I swear! (Mike tried to bring the hand vac, but I love that device too much to get it dirty LOL).  The cop was just checking in to make sure we were okay. Good ol' Wayne, IL! 

Our little prince is coming in April!

Prince onesie (sold out), similar here: Baby Gap

^^ Probably my favorite picture of Mike ever. How handsome is this daddy-to-be?

Lilly Pulitzer dress:

Lilly Pulitzer earrings

Mike totally thought girl. I had no idea!! We definitely had girl names, but we need to start working on boy names! 

Have you heard of the app called "Baby Names"? It is literally Tinder for baby names. You get names and swipe left if you don't like and right if you do. Then you're alerted when your partner matches! It is brilliant! Of course my tech-savvy hubs decided he needed to upgrade to the 5,000 names premium package hahaha God bless. You get some funny ones, though, like Odysseus. #nope
Now we have narrowed it down to only boy names! 

Dave seriously had us cracking up in the fields the whole time. No sign of ticks yet, Dave! 

That sunlight, though! Come on! Dave is the bomb. 

See below for outtakes of us trying to recreate the confetti bomb, AKA Dave throwing glitter chunks at us and trying to photograph at the same time. Needless to say, we were cracking up soooooo much! 

Omg, I haven't laughed that hard in sooo long. Baby Boy Fremeau was probably like what the heck is happening out there, mom?! 

When we had our ultrasound on Wednesday, it was just like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders to see Baby Boy Fremeau growing and moving and thriving (and also, one of my friends from Pure Barre did our ultrasound! It was so fun!)! We have had some scares along the way, but by the grace of God and all the prayers from loved ones near and far, we have gotten great news that Baby Boy Fremeau is looking healthy and good inside my growing belly!! (Check out my @belleontrend Instagram for some bump pics!).  We just keep praying for continued positive news. Being pregnant is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I definitely have to say it's one of the most worrisome times of my life. With every pain or ache, I automatically panic. But, I'm trying to be calmer, for BBF's sake! He doesn't need a scared mama!! Thank you so much for reading, and I can't wait to meet him in April.