Monday, July 24, 2017

Final installment of the #Nsale picks! $100-$200 range!

Hello and happy Monday! I have curated a list of my last installment of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale series (be sure to check out the $50 & under and the $50-$100 from the past few days!), and I am so pumped to share these pieces with you. Let's get to it, ladies and gents!

[1.0] REVITALASH!!!!! This is actually $98, IDK how I missed it before! LOL
You guys, I have been using the Revitalash serum since I partnered with the fabulous Olivia on the blog a few weeks ago, and I swear my lashes are getting longer and thicker. Mike can attest! (Though he might just be saying it to be nice LOL! But I see the difference!). It just requires the tiniest amout before bed, so this does go a LONNNNGGGG way!

[2.0] Designer watches!
Both of my Michael Kors watches (silver and gold) were purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (one in 2009, the other in 2010). This is the time to buy a designer watch! Here are my favorite 3.

Silver Marc Jacobs- practical and chic for $132.90.

Two-tone Kate Spade with bow on the side- whimsical and matches both silver and gold jewerly. $149.90

Multicolor Marc Jacobs-- my all time fave of the sale watches! $149.90.

As a high school teacher, I am constantly checking my watch to be sure we don't run over or get too close to the bell. I also check it a ton when I am writing passes for kids. Andddd during each chunk of activities, I am constantly making sure we are on time.  Basically, I couldn't survive a day at work without my watch. haha

[3.0] The only winter jacket you need. $169.90
This jacket. I cannot say enough good things about it! I purchased mine two winters ago, thanks to the input of my friend Mandy! It is sooooooo warm, but it is completely packable and light! It is shocking that it weighs close to nothing, but it guards against our -20 degree wind chills and 0 degree days. Seriously! I wrote about Mandy's here. I would literally pay the full price of $230 for this jacket because it's that warm. But, you don't have to!! I bought a medium because it's a little bit of a slimmer fit. You can also tighten it with the bungee cords on the inside. Also, I've washed it in the washing machine a few times with no issues whatsoever. I just hung it to dry!

[4.0] Designer sunglasses for $143.90.
Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers. I have a few bags and pairs of shoes of hers, but everything she makes is of the highest quality and is pure class. A great example? These sunnies! Oversized tortoise shell sunglasses will never go out of style.

[5.0] Angel perfume $120 for a set.
I wish I could put a scratch and sniff button on this blog so you could understand the magic that is ANGEL by Mugler. YOU GUYS!  My friend wore it years ago, and I was obsessed, so I jumped on the Angel board!!! It is THE BEST SCENT!!  And it is usually stupidly expensive. Not that this is cheap, but it is worth every dollar. Truly. Go smell it somewhere nearby, then order it on the Nordies sale!! Let me know what you think. I am obsessed.  MEN: buy this for your women!!!!!!!! Seriously. Perfect gift, and it smells sooooooo delightful. It's a win-win-win; everyone wins because even passersby will get a whiff of your loveliness! Anna, didn't you used to wear this?!  I swear I would steal it from your dresser when we lived together #confessions hahaha

[6.0] A suede, knee-high boot with a sensible heel. $149.90.
Sam Edelman does it RIGHT when it comes to shoes. The comfort of his shoes is on point. These knee-high boots are no different. Be sure to check the width of your calf for these. Also, once you get them, do a suede spray all over! You don't want the salt to get to them. I love that these zip all the way up; that makes it super easy to tuck your skinny jeans into them! Loving the caramel color.

[7.0] Tory Burch flats $164.90.
I bought my first TB flats on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale back in 2009! I JUST sold them on eBay about a year ago, and I still got half their value even 7 years later! They are such high quality! I can wear these all day to teach in. I have a glittery gold pair, a striped blue and red pair and a teal pair. I want the black ones! Just for a sensible shoe to wear all the time.  I just looked to see what size mine were to order the black ones, and I have 8.5 in mine. I am usually a 7.5, so they do run small! The leather stretches with wear, too, which makes them uber comfy. I just had my glittery gold ones re-soled last winter!

[8.0] This suede saddle bag for $164.90.
This looks identical to the Chloe bag of my dreams! The Chloe bag, like many of my "lust items", is absurdly expensive. But, man is it a beauty. This is EVEN PRETTIER!  And a fraction of the price. I love that mulberry color for fall. A cross body bag is so necessary for me these days.  Also, even as a dupe of the Chloe, this bag is legit. The size is perfect, too!

[9.0] A high-waisted designer denim-- $131.90.
I am ordering these! I have been hemming and hawing about the perfect designer skinny jeans, and these fit all my criteria. I need a high waist, and I wanted them to be an ankle length for ballet flats. Done and done. I'll report back with fit, but I am ordering the 28/6 (typical for me).

[10.0] The only rainboot you'll ever need-- $129.90.
I own two pairs of Hunters, and they are AWESOME. I wear them when it rains (obvi), but I also wear them with boot socks in the snow. If you live anywhere near me in Northern IL, you get a LOT OF SNOW.  So much so, that a typical ankle height snow boot won't cut it! Grab some boot socks, and use these all year long. I love them with skirts and dresses, too. It *almost* makes me love the rain!

All right, you guys! Now is the time to get shopping. What have you bought so far? What's in your shopping bag? Some items are backordered, but do not worry-- they ship incredibly fast! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks part 2- $50-$100 Finds

So, I have officially placed my first #Nsale order! Yippeee!!!  I am going to do it chunk by chunk, so it's less shock to the credit card. bahaha. Now time to gear up for my second order! LOL. Here are my $50-$100 picks! PS: if you see something you love, but it is sold out in your size, just call Nordies! They can find it at a store and have it shipped to you for free! That was a great pro-tip my sis gave me! She has the Nordstrom's credit card (whyyyyy do I not have this?! I need one, ASAP), so she started shopping last week.

[1.0] Nike tennis shoes.

These Nike Frees are the most comfortable tennies I have ever owned. I have had two colors, and in both, I ordered up a half size (tennis shoes can be weird like that, ya know?). They feel like you're just wearing socks. They're amazing! They are $89.90.  These are perfect for casual walking, running errands, going to the gym for elliptical/weights, or wearing on dress down Fridays, like I do!

Here is the running version with a little more support. $89.90 down from $120!

[2.0] Updated Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots $84.90 from $129.95!
I am obsessed with my Saltwater Duck Boots. I have the original plaid ones, but I am LOVING the tie on the side of these. Also, the height is a little more reminiscent of the L.L. Bean Boots. Love the gray and ivory a lot. Roll up your jeans with these, and you have a totally cute & warm/dry look!

[3.0] This wedding-guest-dress for $84.90! 
Do you have any fall weddings to attend? This would be perfect and sooooo easy. The colors are vibrant and lovely! I love that it isn't a fitted dress, so you could easily eat all the desserts you want at the wedding. LOL  Isn't that what everyone looks for in a wedding guest dress?! ;-)

[4.0] These Chloe scalloped ballet flat dupes! $79.90
I have a few "lust" items in the back of my head that I always swoon over and daydream about owning one day when I am rich and famous (lol). In that category, are the Chloe scalloped ballet flats. They are stupid expensive. But they look like you'd be walking on leather butter.

Until I am rich, I will stick to more reasonably priced dupes, like these! No one would be the wiser! Also, Born shoes are the most ridiculously comfortable shoes (these are $59.90), and they come in perfect fall hues! Also, there are suede versions, too!

[5.0] THE Majorca Peep Toe Booties that I never shut up about!!! $72.90
I tell everyone who I encounter about these shoes. I have two pairs, and they are perfect to teach in all day. I swear, I would rather teach and stand all day in these than flats. They're amazing!

For a lower-heeled perforated bootie, try these for $69.90!!

How about a sensible waterproof bootie?  Loving the black leather for all winter long. $99.90.

Some amazing color options in this low bootie. $79.90 and I LOVE Franco Sarto. Very comfortable shoes.

[6.0] These adorable gingham-ish Adidas sneaks. $59.90
I am a sucker for a comfortable tennis shoe to wear to and from Pure Barre, to work on Fridays, and just on weekends/casual dates. These fit the bill. Plus, that purple color is so different from what I typically have in tennies! I love the pattern, too!

[7.0] Your new favorite pair of workout leggings! $67.90 
So, I have these, and I purchased them for full price, but I don't even regret it because they're THAT GOOD!!!! I wear them constantly to Pure Barre, and I always get compliments. They lift your ledge and flatten your tummy so much. I wear a small OR medium in Alo leggings. I think I'm like a small and a half or a smedium, if that makes sense. LOL! In pants, I'm a pretty consistent 6, and the small is FINE, and the medium is just a little roomier. I hope my description didn't just confuse you more. LOL! Heck, it's free shipping, get both and return what doesn't fit! #treatyoself #yolo hahaha

I am sooooo pro-Alo leggings. They are pricey, but they stay put and they FLATTER your bod. Try these airbrushed leggings, too!

[8.0] Put a pearl or gem on anything, and you have my attention. Add it to a pair of mules, and I am sold.  Case in point: these beauties.
Wear to work or out on the weekend. I am in love!!!!!! $59.90. Can you imagine wearing those to a Christmas party or winter wedding?! I can!

[9.0] Wear-to-work dresses -- all under $100.

This is soooo classic and adorable-- very Audrey Hepburn meets Kate Spade. LOVE. $98.90

This is a power dress. Wear it for a presentation at work or when you're being observed for teaching! $65.90

This will be adorable with tights and high boots in the fall and winter. Cozy plus! $85.90

[10.0] Joe's skinny jeans-- designer denim. $99.90
Also, these ankle jeans, raw hemmed. $99.90
Okay, I was always anti-designer denim. I figured I loved my $35 Loft jeans, so why spend so much? THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I promise. My Joe's are my most beloved jeans. Any opportunity to swoop up Joe's under $100 is VERY EXCITING! I wear a 28 for ref. Did you know that Nordstrom does free alterations?! Epic. (Joe's can run long, just FYI. That's why I love an ankle style because they are basically a normal height person's full length jean).

[11.0] The sweetest blush pink blazer, ever. $89.90
I am OBSESSED with the back peplum/ruffle detailing. Perfect for work! The gray is super practical, too.

[12.0] Chic sunnies. $79.90
Obsessed with the tortoise coloring. Also, I love how oversized they are. They remind me of the Celine sunglasses, but way more affordable!

[13.0] Wear-to-work tops
This might be my favorite top on the whole sale!!!

Lightweight and flowy, plus in a pretty green!

Both could be easily paired with black pants or a pencil skirt.

[14.0] My favorite skirt I own.
I hemmed and hawed about this skirt for months (actually probably closer to two years! LOL) before purchasing it. I could not be happier with a skirt. This is navy-- mine is black, but I LOVE this skirt so much. I have a 6, and I tuck everything from fancy tanks to collared shirts into it. It's so flattering, too. Remember this post?

[15.0] Two last fun dresses!!
This lace tie back one (perfect wedding guest dress- in black, of course!) and this tulle hem one (perfect with the pearl and jeweled mules from above)! Love, love, and more love.

Let me know in the comments below what you've ordered so far from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 
Remember, it only happens until August 6, and sizes/colors go quickly. Act fast, fashionistas!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks-- $50 and under!

The #Nsale is on, and it's GOOD!  This is the time every year I stock up on a new pair of tennies, knee-high boots, a watch, or a nice purse. It comes but once a year my friends, so be sure to act fast! Here are my $50 and under picks!

[1.0] These stunning filigree Kendra Scott earrings. $39.95
They are beautiful and lightweight, but they still make a statement. Those rose gold are in my shopping bag! The necklace versions are amazing, too! 

I love the burgundy! This is a perfect workplace look with a tailored black pant and heels or flats! I love this for a weekend look, too! My favorite of the options is the pretty burgundy, but the black and white would be classic pieces! I also adore this short sleeved top by the same brand for when it's still steamy out! It is only $39.90! How pretty is the red?!

[3.0] These Zella moto leggings for $49.90.
I have the exact pair in green, and I am obsessed!!  Zella has more reasonably prices workout gear than Alo, but they are every bit as good! They stay put-- no hiking them up halfway through Pure Barre class. My sis just bought them! Plus, throw on a cute tank and wear them for errands or traveling. Win-win.  Obsessed with these crops, too! Also by Zella, and they are $42.90! 

[4.0] These MAC makeup brushes-- $49.50.
Okay, when was the last time you *honestly* swapped out your makeup brushes (or did a hardcore cleaning of them)? Now is the time! I messed around with a lot of Target and Walgreens brushes that just left hairs all over my face (gross), but now is the time to get a reputable brand for a great price.

[5.0] Another work classic: a tiered ruffle-sleeved shirt. $42.90
This brand is a huge winner for me in the #nsale. I love this style of shirt. How cute will this be with a colorful pair of pants or pencil skirt and some statement jewelry? No brainer outfit!

[6.0] These Baublebar drop earrings-- metallic colors! $31.90.
I now have these lantern earrings in 3 colors, but these metallics are amazing! They are lightweight, which is the best part, especially if you have sensitive earlobes like me! LOL. They make such a statement, and they dress up any outfit. There are always days for me where I want to have my hair in a ponytail and some fun earrings to dress up my unwashed hair (secret's out!). Also adoring these Kate Spade beauts for $38.90!

[7.0] Lip color! $25 for the Clinque and $20 for the Stila!
Those Chubby Sticks are my go-to for work. They can easily be thrown in my desk drawer and re-applied in between classes. They stay on, and they come in a bunch of fun colors that you'll be able to try!  And the Stila-- you guys! This is the all-day lip color I am obsessed with!!! And it comes in a cutie little set.

[8.0] More fun with ruffles! $22.90--  love the blush version.
This + skinny jeans= a perfect date night combo. How cute is the asymmetrical sleeve!?

[9.0] Graphic tees! $21.90 for the Gym & Tonic, and $25.90 for the Pardon my French one!
Whether you're wearing these around town with black skinny jeans and sneaks or to the gym, the shirts speak for themselves. They're always conversation starters! Loving these price points, too! Also, wanting this Alo one with an open back! 

[10.0]  This gorgeous lace wrap dress in yellow and blue: $35.90.
I love this for attending a Christening, wedding shower, engagement party, etc. It would even be ideal for vacay or a date! Wrap dresses are incredibly flattering, too. 

[11.0]  This polka dot blouse is AMAZING!! $45.90. I love the blush and magenta!
This is the year of the blazer for me, and these blouses would work perfectly under a tailored blaze.

[12.0] Loving both of these lace tops: short sleeve for $49.90 & long sleeves for $49.90 as well!
I am loving these unique colors. They will pair perfectly with skinny black work pants!

That wraps up my faves under $50! The next installment will be $50-100 price range. Remember, the sale is only on through August 6, so do act fast!

What have you bought thus far?!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Polka Dot Skirt + Tee + Lantern Earrings = a 30 second outfit!

I had the honor of having Andrea of Swofford Photography take some pics for me the other evening in St. Charles, and I LOVED the results of the outfit with the fun walls! Andrea is incredibly talented-- and only a sophomore in college, you guys! How about that for successful??  She always has the best ideas for fabulous outfit shots. I'm so proud of her! (I used to teach her!! Now she's all grown up and a total boss lady!).  

This outfit is truly a 30-second, no brainer, easy peasy lemon squeezy outfit. For real! 

I am obsessed with these pull on sidewalk skirts. I know I never shut up about them (lol do you see a theme? I find something I like/fits me, and then I buy it in a bunch of colors and patterns. Haha! I am becoming my mom-- which is a good thing!). 

Some of the solid colored "Sidewalk" skirts are down to $18 with code: clearout. 

I have this skirt in black, khaki, red and green plaid, polka dots, coral and gingham. BUT, I always get them super on sale, and they wash so well! My first Sidewalk skirt was purchased 4 years ago, and I still wear it a ton. It's the perfect length to teach in! 

The pull-on, stretchy waistline is my favorite part! This particular skirt is a 6, but I also have a few that are 4s. The 6s are definitely a better length for school!

I have 3 pairs now (!) in various colors from J. Crew Factory. But, in my defense, they were all on major sale! These were down to $13 when I purchased them. They're down to $20 now, and I promise it is worth it! 

They are lightweight which is so good for my poor earlobes. Funny story, for some reason, the 14 year old at Claire's who was piercing my 12 year old lobes circa 1999 totally missed. I have three random holes on both lobes, none of which align, and all of which are dangerously close to running into each other (sorry, that's so gross hahaha). Thus, I need REALLY lightweight earrings, which isn't great when statement earrings are all the rage. Sigh. BUT ALAS! I found these! They weigh close to nothing, and they are so darn cute. 

Side note: who knew the side of a mechanic building could be so pretty and colorful! LOLOL!  I think they were confused by Andrea and me + her sweet BF, Austin, who helped with the shoot. But, they have a pink painted side of the building! Who could resist!? 

They are restocked online! Remember, if you have a Redcard shipping is free! And 5% off!
I LOOOOVE that pink. And the taupe. OMG, I need another pair! 
I do love the non-dupe Sam Edelmann striped ones, but I am too in love with paying $20 for slides to spend $63. I did include them below because they're really stinkin' cute!


^Cross body foldover 

^Biggest crossbody!

Okay, you guys. This Tory Burch bag is one of my go-tos for convenience. This bag has a pretty funny story behind it (don't worry, Mike already knows this!). It is a gift from my ex-boyfriend :::rolls eyes::: haha! Every year for the past 6 years since I've owned it, I go to put it on eBay to get rid of that juju from the ex, and I always wimp out and don't post it. Why? Not because I want to keep any memories of my ex, but because it is literally the best crossbody purse, ever.
Case in point: Lollapalooza. I have been going to Lolla since 2009 when I moved to the city after college, and I have struggled to find the perfect bag to bring in the permitted 2- 1 liter water bottles. This does the job! Every year since I have met Mike, I tell him, "I'm selling this!" and he's like, "BUT, it's your LOLLA bag!" He's right. It's too good. You can wear it three ways, as shown above. Now, Tory Burch is in no way inexpensive. But, this is a bag that will last for years to come (it's already 5 years old). It is an investment, for sure. I will link less expensive ones, too! 

Bracelet: KJP from my sweet friend, Sarah. 

Watch: Michael Kors-  I bought this at the #nsale when I got my first, full-time teaching job after college in 2009! It still runs like a gem, and I wear it nearly every day!

Change of shoes! Because who doesn't change her sandals to match her wall?!

I love these monogrammed Jacks. Again, I am a broken record about Jack Rogers Jacks, but they are comfort plus and truly classic!

More convertible bags:

More lantern earrings:

More bow sandals:

Who is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! OMG, general admission access begins today! Get shopping, guys!