Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! Belle On Trend's under $30 picks!

Hi, guys!

Today is the beginning of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! It's amazing! SOOOO many pieces are 40% off or more!  I have rounded up 10 items under $30 for my first installment of the Nordies half yearly sale. Author's note: these deals move FAST!  I picked out a bunch of pieces earlier, and they are already gone! Act fast if you like something!  Also, Nordstroms always has free shipping and returns! Here we go.

[1.0] This bell-sleeved top for $26.98!
If you want to try out the bell-sleeve trend, here is a perfect opportunity for you! The back is a little open, so it adds a "party top" element to it without being Forever 21-esque. LOL. Loving both colors. I envision this with skinny white jeans for summer!

[2.0] These square stud earrings-- 2 pairs for $7.98!
They are exact copy cats of the Kate Spade glitter earrings I love so much! I might stock up on these for stocking stuffers. hahaha! Is that cray?! Probably.

[3.0] This Kendra Scott look alike tassel necklace for $11.98.
I am totally obsessed with stone/tassel necklaces, and the Kendra Scotts are my all time fave. However, they're also about $80. These look identical, and they are under $12. A no-brainer, IMO!

[4.0] This Zella cross-back tank for working out. $23.40!
I am all about the open back tanks for Pure Barre. This fits the bill for sure! It's so fun to show off your colorful/strappy bras with cut out tanks! I want that mint color!

[5.0] This shirt with bows down the sleeves for $29.40! 
Talk about sassing up a plain shirt! I'm obsessed with these bows! I like it in black, too!

[6.0] This dressed up sweatshirt for $23.40.
There is nothing better than fancy-ing up a cozy sweatshirt! Add the ruffle detail to this, and you have the perfect pairing for a cooler night by the fire pit this summer. White shorts with the navy version or jorts with the gray! I am sold.

[7.0] Baublebar Pearl drop earrings that would be on repeat for you-- $20.40!
I have seen these on so many fashion bloggers, and they look fabulous with blazers, dresses and everything in between.

[8.0] These Kelly Green leggings for working out/athleisure for $31.20! Ah, shoot! These are $1.20 over my promised budget! Sorry, guys!
I can't get over this gorgeous color! I find that I own sooo many black workout tops, so adding a pop of color in my bottoms is the best way to even out the dark top.

9.0] Wait. This phonecase!!! I am obsessed. SO cute! Fancy camels!
Kate Spade has so much whimsy in everything they do. I looooooooooooove this case.

[10.0] This business in the front, gingham in the back shirt for $31!
I love all three versions! How cute would this look paired with white jeans or white shorts!!??

What are you eyeing on the half yearly sale?! Go ahead, treat yourself! You deserve it!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kara and Josh's Wedding: Nautical Looks!

My beautiful cousin, Kara, married the love of her life, Josh, on Saturday in Shelbyville, Michigan. The location/venue was absolutely stunning; everything was on the property of the hotel, and you could walk from the hotel to the reception to the wedding to cocktail hour within a minute or two. It was just stunning! The weather cleared for the wedding! It was like God giving a little blessing down on the newlyweds!

^^ Mom and I fighting over Finn, haha! Just minutes after arrival. He's the best!! 
Mom's Lilly:

My Lilly popover (that I literally wear every time I travel! PS- I got it on the Lilly After Party Sale for $64!) :

The view from our room at the Bay Pointe Inn!^^

Friday night for the rehearsal dinner, I wore this dress from Nordstrom. Do you remember this post?  Or this one? I have now worn it for two weddings and two rehearsal dinners! Oh, and Valentine's Day! :) 

It fits TTS (maybe even a smidge big!), and I am wearing a 4.

Remeber Caitlin and Neil's wedding in October? My other cuzzies? We had such a blast together!

These gold wedges are my go-tos! I wear them soooooo much. I am due for a new pair, but they are still holding up from the original purchase date of July 2012 for my Mom's wedding! lol! Anna wore hers for the wedding, too! LOL. 

Cousins with the beautiful bride!

Okay, those baby adirondacks! We said we needed to put Bella and Bentley on them. LOL

Love the cut-out back on this dress! 

My studly hubs!!! 

It was a total impulse buy at the Kate Spade outlet in Florida for $70, but seriously, I have been searching for a fun/whimsical clutch for weddings for about two years!

How cute were the coozies? #ahoyHoyer was the #!

So basically Gary's blazer was the greatest blazer I had ever seen in my life. 
He has an eye for *fun* fashion, and this blazer was absolutely perfect for the nautical wedding!
Also, it's on sale! Holler. 
Don't worry: he also has the pants. LOL

My hubs and step dad! 
Mike's bow tie had flamingos on it! #nautical

My dress is the Ashlyn style in the re-released "You Gotta Regatta" from last summer. It was under $100 on the Lilly After Party Sale.
It was the perfect fit in size 6, except for the top. I had my amazing seamstress take it in, but the length and bottom didn't need any alterations! Please talk to me if you're in the western burbs-- Charice is the best seamstress! She is so talented. She has probably altered 15+ dresses for me. She is based out of Bartlett. 

My earrings here in yellow for under $20! 
Similar styles of the drop earrings that are huge right now:

Love this guy ;)

They are so cute :)

Now for some iPhone snaps: 

The most adorable little boy at the wedding! 

All flamingo'd out! 

Kara and her mom's side of the family! HOW gorgeous does she look?! 

Kara's Aunt Rhonda! How darling is this cold shoulder dress? Love! 

I loved all of Kara and Caitlin's friends! Remember when I wore this dress? I love it so much on Danielle! 

our sweet "baby" cousin! We love you so much! How amazing is that dress?! It was two pieces!!!

Kara with her mom and aunts! Love this! 

Have you ever been to a wedding on the water? It was so gorgeous! 
I hope Kara and Josh are having a blast on their honeymoon in Jamaica! Love you guys!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cobalt Blue Buffalo Plaid Skirt... and we have DOGS!!!

Okay, so the outfit is not even the highlight of this post! You guys, we got dogs (yes, two!!) a week ago today!!! Seriously!!! Let me tell you the story.
^^Bentley is a Yorkie/Bichon mix! 

^^^ Bella is a pure bred Lhasa Apso! 

First of all, let me preface this by saying everything good literally comes from Pure Barre Geneva. LOL. But, for real. I met our amazing realtor, Val, there, and also our OUTSTANDING lawyer for the closing, Mary, too!  I would recommend them both WITHOUT HESITATION! Plus, I have met so many of my suburbs pals there, too! It's hard to make friends in the suburbs when you're an adult, especially if you haven't grown up here. Well, not at Pure Barre Geneva! Seriously. Everyone rocks and is soooo friendly/genuine.

But yes, the dogs came from a Pure Barre connection, too! I was talking in my teacher volume voice (so loud, Anna says I lack an inside voice haha, but you have to with 30 freshmen in a room!!!), and telling my friends Taryn and Jena about how badly we want a dog, but we were having so much trouble adopting. We have been applying to adoption agencies in the area/ Wisconsin since November, and we haven't been chosen yet. I do think we are less appealing because we both work full time, and we haven't had pets before, but still!

God definitely nudged me out of bed that morning when this all happened, too, because I was set to go to the 9:45 am class, but for some unknown reason I was wide awake at 6:50 am. Barf! So, I went to the earlier class. THANK GOD I DID! A sweet woman was getting ready for her class, and she overheard me (I don't think you can miss me haha) talking about how badly we wanted pups. She introduced herself and apologized for eavesdropping, but she said she was looking for a home for her two dogs!! At first, I was a little worried because going from 0 dogs to 2 scared me! Mike was in New Orleans for Lee's bachelor party (Lee was our best man in our wedding!), so this conversation wasn't even including my hubs! She wanted to find someone who could take both because they'd been together 5 years, and she couldn't possibly separate them! Understandably!

^^ Bella is so funny; she kept turning her head away from the pic hahaha

But, then this angel woman (haha but really) showed me pics of the dogs, and I seriously squealed! Two 5-year-old pups, who she just couldn't care for anymore. We exchanged numbers, and I called Mike on my way home. We were going to meet the pups on Monday! We showed up, the dogs ran into our laps and gave us tons of kisses, and we were smitten. Also, the previous owner gave us everything we could possibly need. She is seriously a Godsend and the most generous person we've ever met. I couldn't believe this was happening! ...and now they are ours!!!

Their names are Bella and Bentley!

^^they met cousin Cooper this weekend (and Finn!).

Onto the less important (but still pretty great) portion of the post: THE OUTFIT! :)

This skirt is my go-to. I have it, honestly, in 5 colors: black, tartan red and green, khaki, coral and this one. It is so versatile. I wore it to work with a green scalloped-collar skirt tucked in and green Hunter Boots. 
It is currently $34.50!!! It is true to size. This is a 6! I have a couple 4s and a couple 6s in the sidewalk skirt. Either is great! The 4 is a bit shorter, so it's better with tights. 

^^Bella hiding in the shade of my chair is hilarious!
My Jacks are on repeat all summer. I have a monogrammed gold and white pair, a pink pair and these teal ones. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a pair! Mine were all under $100 on sale when I got them.

My tassel necklace is old from Ruelala, but here are some similar ones:

Are you a pet owner? Isn't it the cutest thing when you get up in the morning, and they are soooo excited to see you? Or when you come home from work?! It is an amazing feeling!!!